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Someone's watching you, honey

Gossip Fairy

Paramount Pictures presents
From the creators of Jurassic Park and Big Lebowsky
Steven Spielberg, Michael Bay & the Coen brothers

HEAVENLY HELEN: Birth of a Legend.

Your daily dose of human zoo as seen by Helen the Gossip Fairy. No animal was harmed during the experiments and observations.
"Thumbs up! The concept is just mind-blowing" - Chicago Tribune
"Multi-step riddle with a hundred exciting clues - excellent way to spend a Friday night" - Roger Ebert, ***
"Girls, prepare your brains for an insane workout!" - Cosmopolitan
"Stylish look, brilliant plot twists... an exquisite meal for a hungry mind " - Variety
"No animal was harmed during the filming of this movie" - Greenpeace Association